TPE Extra Thick Yoga Mat 72"x 32" wide

If you are new to yoga or to working out, this is a perfect mat for you!  the extra thickness is there especially for you to soften any Yoga pose, or for any sensitive elbows, knees or any other part of your body. You will love how it feels to sit and practice on this mat.

  Sticky Mat for a non slip experience

Slippery hands and feet in downward dog? Unable to stay strong in warrior pose? This mat will keep your hands and feet where they belong, on the mat!  

 6mm Thickness for cushion and comfort, especially for the newbie yogi 

New to yoga? the thickness of our mats are with you in mind. helps cushion your body while you learn each pose for a satisfying workout

Custom size 72"x 32" wide you will not find this in stores

 Super soft and comfortable feeling it's a joy to practice on

Looking for the best overall experience while you are on your mat? Tired of sitting on a hard surface? this mat is super soft, comfortable and a pleasure to sit on. You will love how it feels!

 Great for both beginners and experts alike

Soft and perfect for sensitive elbows or knees, the extra thickness is there to cushion you and make your experience a great one.

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