7 Chakra Meditation Necklace

Necklace Style

Buddhist sutras tells us of the four virtues of a lotus: scent, purity, softness, and loveliness. The legends tell how the mother of Buddha dreamed of a white elephant presenting a lotus flower to her before he was born. When the Buddha was born, a lotus appeared in ten directions.

The Lotus flowers' burst of beauty and grace upon unconventional waters gives them a mystical and otherworldly aura. The emergence of such a beautiful and delicate flower pushing up from the depths of murky waters of attachment and desire to bloom has been hailed as a representation of how difficulties and trials can bring forth a majestic transformation in a person as he or she is honed and molded into the beauty they are today. The lotus flower has been a respected symbol of purity, beauty, ascension, enlightenment, and rebirth.

This Lotus Flower 7 Chakra Meditation Necklace is a perfect piece that gives a deep significance. It shows that there is more to beauty than what meets the eye because trials have transformed you into the beauty that you are.

Product Details

  • Necklace Type: Pendant Necklace
  • Pendant Size: 40 mm x 40 mm | 1.58 in x 1.58 in
  • Length: 55 cm | 21.66 in

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