Anisha Dream Catcher

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Worry not of your nightmares. The delectable beauty of this dream catcher will make your nightmares turn to sweet dreams. Even just by looking at it, your inner self is already at peace. Good dreams, knowing their way through to the center, pass through the small hole, past the feathers, and down upon the dreamer. 
When you give a dream catcher as a gift to someone you share the story and legend of the gift with the person you give it to.

By creating this cycle we allow our loved ones and friends to remember we are thinking of them whenever they look at the dreamcatcher they were given. 
A dreamcatcher is much more than just a simple gift, it tells the person you give it to that you care about their well being and peace of mind.

Total length: 58cm
Diameter: 16cm
Ring Diameter: 4.33 "
Material: Wicker

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