Buddhist Handbraided Rope Bracelet

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A mantra is a sequence of words or syllables that are usually repetitively chanted as part of Buddhist practice. It is thought to evoke enlightenment and are usually used as a part or a form of meditation. The Sanskrit word mantra when translated, has a combined meaning of "to think" and "designating tools or instruments", hence a literal translation would be "instrument of thought".

This beautiful Auric Chakra Lucky Handmade Buddhist Knots Rope Bracelet is handmade by Tibetan Buddhist Monks. The knots are tied as they recite mantras to allow the bracelets to absorb the powerful spiritual energy such that the positive energy can flow into its bearer. These adjustable rope bracelets are worn to bring the wearer good luck and to attract all that is good. 

The Aura is a reflection of our True Nature which is our reality when superficial behaviors are discarded and we become fully natural, conscious, and spontaneous. Aura is composed of different colors, some are consistent and some change with the beings emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical state. It can be seen by trained eyes or detected with Kirilian photography and other electronic equipment. Aura appears as an electromagnetic field of light, color, and vibration that surrounds the body of all living beings emitted from the physical body. It is sometimes referred to as the psychic energy field.

Chakra is the incredible energy of the universe that is found within each of us. In order to attain and use such energy, one must learn to open each of the 7 Chakra inhibitors located within the body and mind. 

Designed to balance the seven chakras, our handcrafted buddhist knots rope bracelet brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. It promotes healing and vitality. Each chakra bracelet is made with vibrant colorful ombre threads that correspond to the seven chakras in an auric swirl.

Feel the energy of your chakras as these bracelets help them restore to balance while wearing it.

Wear it on your left wrist to welcome its energy as the belief holds that the left side of the body represents the receiving side.