Citrine Crystal Wand

For thousands of years, crystal rods have been used for many purposes by many peoples.  They help spiritual and emotional healing, balance the chakras and bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and the earthly kingdom.

All our crystal wands are made from 100% genuine crystals.  They are stored in a beautiful garden where they are energetically loaded, and all receive a prayer of positive intention before being shipped.

Called "The merchant's stone" because it is  known to bring the chance to attract money  , yellow citrine not only contributes to the acquisition of wealth, it also helps to maintain it.  It is  a stone of plenty and manifestation  ,  which attracts wealth, prosperity, success and all good things  .  Citrine opens the mind and empowers us to accept joy in our lives, releasing anger and negative feelings, as well as deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies.  An excellent crystal to overcome depression  , citrine reduces sensitivity to criticism and  inspires creativity and self-expression  .

This Citrine Crystal Wand is approximately 60 mm long 

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