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Product name: Moisturizing facial steamer

Water tank capacity: 70ml

Material: ABS

Plug specifications: US plug

Product voltage: 110V-220V

Product power: 300W

Product frequency: 50Hz

Packing size: 11*17*17.5cm, 0.6kg

packing list:

Moisturizing face steamer*1

English manual*1

Measuring cup*1

English packing box*1


Please use distilled or purified water. Due to different water quality, the service life of this product may be shortened, so it is recommended that you use distilled or purified water.

The following types of water contain high minerals and therefore cannot be used: tap water, mineral water, geothermal water, acidic water, ionized alkaline water.

Do not mix any other substances in the water, such as lotion, aromatic oil, etc., otherwise it may cause burns, malfunction or shorten the life of the machine.

Use tips:

1. Insert the power cord plug into the household power outlet.

2. Press the power switch for about 20 seconds to release the steam. When the steam is released, a little condensed water may splash due to overfilling. Please add water strictly according to the water level of the measuring cup, and do not exceed the maximum water level line marked on the measuring cup.

3. The steam treatment face should be at least 20cm away from the edge of the steam nozzle of the beauty instrument. To ensure that the steam covers the entire face, please operate as shown below.

When the water volume is insufficient, the steam will be weakened. After the water in the water tank is used up, the beauty instrument will stop steaming. Please turn off the power.

Store it after cooling down. If you need to continue to use it, please wait for ten minutes before refilling with water.

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