Natural Healing Crystal Stone Chakra Set

Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura these can be Used for reiki, healing, meditation and chakra balancing.

  • The   Amethyst   promotes spiritual growth, concentration and meditation.
  • The   Rose Quartz    brings comfort, it radiates Love, tenderness and allows a connection with Universal Love.
  • The   Aventurine    brings prosperity and protection.  She encourages moving forward, making decisions.  It stabilizes the state of mind and increases creativity.
  • The   red Jasper    provides a sense of security.  It helps to trust life, to love it, to live the present moment without fear and to assert itself by action.
  • The   Tiger Eye   protects you by reflecting the negative towards its transmitter.  It clarifies your intentions and improves your will to help you materialize your desires.
  • Black Onyx   is a     rooting  stone  to the earth   . By its action,   you will feel stable and in full control of yourself  
  • The   Rock Crystal   is a comforting stone that emits pure energy, it provides    vigor and vitality   . He clarifies ideas and thoughts. 
  • The   Sodalite  helps you have confidence in you eliminating your genes and your potential feelings of inferiority.  It will allow you to express yourself more freely and promote your creativity.
  • The   Unakite  (mottled green stone) helps to overcome obstacles that one imposes on oneself.  She is beneficial for managing her emotions and she can evolve by following her heart.
  • The   Lapis Lazuli  (blue stone night)     facilitates the expression and communication, it helps to think freely and to have confidence. 

This box is your own collection of healing stones.  This set of stones is perfect to achieve an energetic treatment, just put the stone on the area to balance.  Also, to harmonize the energies of your place of life, you will be able to place these stones in precise places like near a door, a window, in the room of your choice (bathroom, room, entrance, stay.

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    Very good, crystals look like advertised. Packaged okay, storage box was a little broken.


    They are beautiful I love them


    They have arrived in perfect condition and the truth that i am delighted. thank you very much


    Fast shipping, nice quality stones & carrying case.


    Well packaged, it has arrived fast and the presentation is perfect (just like in the photos)

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