Zodiac Carved Pendant Necklace

Sign & Color
Aries Golden
Taurus Golden
Gemini Golden
Cancer Golden
Leo Golden
Virgo Golden
Libra Golden
Scorpio Golden
Sagittarius Golden
Capricorn Golden
Aquarius Golden
Pisces Golden
Aries Silver
Taurus Silver
Gemini Silver
Cancer Silver
Leo Silver
Virgo Silver
Libra Silver
Scorpio Silver
Sagittarius Silver
Capricorn Silver
Aquarius Silver
Pisces Silver

Natural Copper - Zodiac Constellation Necklace. A beautiful and fun way to wear your 'spirit in the sky'. Ancient cultures saw pictures in the stars, and to this day, we let the stars tell us stories in the clear night sky. These natural copper discs etched with your sign's unique constellation make a beautiful pendant. Wear the cluster of stars that best represent you as a gorgeous piece of jewelry. What does your sign say about you ?


100% Copper 

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