Hipimi Interior Trends

Are you sick of looking at the bare walls in your room, or that old picture that has built up an inch-thick layer of dust on the frame? Is it time to throw out the 5-year-old bedspread your mum gave you with a pattern that is now so faded you can barely recognize it anymore? We’ve got the inspiration you need to motivate you to refresh your home décor, with these 2019 interiors trends.


In the past few years, interior design styles haven’t changed drastically yet they have still come and go throughout the seasons (think rose gold or copper and marble recently), but we’re seeing a definite shift towards more timeless and unique interior design styles. The biggest interior design styles of 2019 focus on individuality and expression using colour and texture. People are wanting their homes to be more of an expression of their own unique styles, and less like a page in a magazine.


This is great news for most of us, because it means you can maintain your own unique style while still tapping into stylistic influences and trends. After all, your home is your own, and you shouldn’t have to compromise your interiors for anyone; you’re the one who has to live there!


Even if you don’t consciously follow the trends – we can’t all be switching up our homewares every year – it’s undeniable that home décor trends and other stylistic influences do affect the way we purchase interiors.


Luckily, these days it’s more affordable than ever to create a beautiful home with unique, on-trend home décor pieces that will still last you more than a year or two.


These 10 interiors trends for 2019 will give you some much-needed inspiration to up your style game and create a sanctuary where you can escape, unwind and relax!


  1. Natural materials

As sustainability takes the front foot in our global consciousness, we’re starting to see more natural materials trending in the interiors world, like wood, stone, hemp, canvas and seagrass. These materials are either whole and polished, or more raw looking; the more natural looking and raw, the better.


Neutral colours are feeling warmer instead of minimalistic modern gray, as earthy, sandy tones become the new neutral. Various shades of green are also trending, as we move to embrace the natural world.


To get this trend, you could try using natural-looking hemp rope lights, or incorporate natural wood products in your home décor. You could try an on-trend seagrass basket which can be placed on the floor or popped on a shelf or in an obscure unused space for additional storage. These are great for storing blankets, toys or any other light objects that normally lie around your home.


  1. Embracing nature; plants and greenery

All manner of plants and greenery will continue to trend in home décor in 2019. Because we’re always so connected to technology, the rest of the time we’re seeking to connect more with nature. This is further reinforced by the growing discussion around sustainability issues.


Greenery can bring colour to an otherwise bare room, perfect for a room that is mostly white or features natural colors like sand and mushroom. Items like terrariums and potted plants will continue to be popular in 2019 or, for a new take on this, try a hanging glass vase or a hydroponic vase that will look great on the coffee table. These look great with plants like succulents or cacti. Plants can also pop against a black backdrop, and, to create a bigger impact, rather than scattering plants throughout the hose, add groups of plants together in a huddle in a corner of the home to create a green sanctuary amongst hard materials and surfaces.


  1. Gold accents

Gold is also making a comeback in a big way. Copper and rose gold tones were heavily popular in the last few years, but this is being renounced in favour of purer, brighter golds. As well as full gold pieces, a touch of gold added to more natural pieces like wood gives a fresh, luxe and sophisticated look to more natural materials.


These black baskets accented with gold are a perfect storage option, or if that’s not enough gold for you, this antique gold lantern would be a beautiful addition to any home. Gold paired with greenery also creates a chic look. Just don’t go too overboard!


  1. Textiles infiltrate the home

Lush and tactile textiles are now everywhere, as a response to harder, more masculine materials. Wall hangings are becoming immensely popular everywhere, as well as rugs, curtains, bedding and upholstery. These pieces add a feminine touch to more minimal, masculine pieces with hard corners and sharp lines.


Rich textiles like velvet and thick, chunky fabrics like this thick knit blanket can make you feel warm just by looking at them! You can use pieces like this on the bed in the cooler months but even when it warms up, blankets can be draped on a chair to create texture and a general feeling of homeliness and coziness. Wall hangings can also add some much-needed softness and texture to a hard or blank space. The natural colours in this wall hanging fit in perfectly with the surrounding greenery and give the wall and surrounding room a more feminine vibe.


  1. Lights are the new home décor jewellery

The focus in home décor returns to interesting lights, which serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Back-to-basics lighting in simple lamp designs (both hanging and stand-alone) are more popular than ever, like this Edison bulb lamp, or this simple vintage pendant lamp. Although these styles represent a pairing-back of the first lights made (particularly the bulb design), they look modern, almost futuristic.


These lamps merge two trends together; new, on-trend and futuristic lighting styles with the black matte metal trend. We’re seeing black matte everywhere, from bathroom hardware to kitchens and all other forms of hardware. Again, the simple design is very modern and the various geometric shapes are simple, yet chic. These lights are big enough to be impactful on their own, yet small enough to be grouped together for stronger look, particularly in a hallway or kitchen space, either in a row or in a clustered group.


  1. Muted pastels

We already talked about the gray trend receding and seeing a return to a warmer color palette. Now, we’re starting to see other colors steal the limelight, like blush pinks, light neutrals like mushroom and taupe, pale greens and apricots. This is coming to life on the walls as paint colors but also in the emergence of home décor pieces like wall art and cushions, and in more unexpected ways; coat racks, stools, kitchen cabinets and small appliances. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


This cactus wall hanging features the perfect blend of on-trend muted tones with just the right amount of intrigue. This Florence tapestry also contains muted tones that speak to the beauty of the natural world.


  1. Goodbye minimalism, hello loud design

Thank goodness for colour. As the minimalism trend starts to fade and become reimagined, we’re seeing a return to loud, bright prints, with “attention-seeking homewares” including crazy, kooky kitchenware and loud colours.


Get the look with this bright wall tapestry that can be used indoor and out. This trend is easy to adapt, however it’s also easy to go overboard. If you’re incorporating bright colors and loud design in one aspect of a room, ensure the other components aren’t also too busy; you don’t want people to hurt their eyes walking into your home! Paid loud prints with pops of bold color or various interesting shapes and interior design styles.


  1. Organic shapes

Speaking of shapes; with a new form of minimalism taking hold, nothing is as it seems in the interiors world. New organic shapes are emerging, this time, with an embrace of curved feminine lines. Familiar shapes are being replaced with irregular, unfamiliar ones. With this trend, we’re seeing greater emphasis on comfort, yet pieces which still retain their own unique style.


To try this look, get this spiral abstract lamp, or this LED desk lamp to add a touch of abstract modernism to your home. Or, try this unique abstract stone sculpture. The curved shape and abstract design are perfectly on trend. To multiply the effect of the sculpture, a few of the same piece could be grouped together to create a stronger display.


  1. Bold rich accent colours for your interiors

The Dulux Colour Forecast predicts that home décor and wall colours will return to traditional vintage colours like wines, orchid blues and bold greens, as well as deep purples, used either as a feature wall or as an all-around colour.


This bright wall art features bold colours which can be replicated in the surrounding home décor. Blues, pinks and yellows all blend together in a multi-colored world. Using color looks fantastic as long as you don’t go too overboard with complementary colors in the surrounding home décor.


  1. Clashing prints

We’re seeing a lot of clashing prints and styles expressed both on runways and in the interior design world. Wallpaper was in vogue last year, and we’ll see that trend continue this year with a twist. Different patterns and styles can be spectacularly clashed together, or home décor styles can clash with wallpaper, colors and shapes intermingling in a fantastic abstract world.


Pair these Morrocan-style lamps with home décor from other stylistic worlds and influences, pairing similar colors together to create synergy.


The best part of embracing these trends is that you don’t need to go and redecorate your entire home. You can use smaller pieces or even paint colors on the walls throughout your home to build various contrasting interior design styles and change the feeling of your home décor. You could group interiors together by color or style; use complementary colors like naturals with green and yellows, blush pinks with coral and blue, or yellow and blue or purples and lilacs. Generally, if you mix opposite ends of the color wheel together these colors will complement each other. Neutral colors can be accented with bold colors on the walls or within your home décor.


Use a statement piece like a bold light or large wall hanging to create a more impactful look, or invest in a collection of smaller pieces to create specific interior design styles. The world (well, your room) is your oyster!


So, what do you think of these 2019 interiors trends? Will you be using these design cues to redecorate and refresh your interiors?


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