Hippogryph Stag Necklace Diffuser

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A symbol of the impossible.

The Hippogryph (also spelled Hippogriff) is a legendary creature primarily depicted as the offspring of a griffin and a mare. Ludovico Ariosto's poem, Orlando furioso (1516) contains an early description of medieval fantasy and thought regarding sights of such rarity.  In fact the expression "to mate griffins with mares" was the same as saying "when pigs fly" back in that day since griffins frequently were said to regard horses as prey.  Hence, the hippogryph was such a rarity.

According to lore, it was easier to tame than a griffin. In the few medieval legends when this fantastic creature makes an appearance, it is usually the pet of either a knight or a sorcerer. It makes an excellent steed, being able to fly as fast as lightning. The hippogryph is said to be an omnivore, eating both plants and meat.

Another description can be found in Arnold Sundgaard's poem, The Hippogriff:
When Mare and Griffin meet and mate
Their offspring share a curious fate.
One half is Horse with hooves and tail,
The rest is Eagle, claws and nail.
As a Horse it likes to graze
In summer meadows doused in haze,
Yet as an Eagle it can fly
Above the clouds where dreams drift by.
With such a Beast I am enthralled,
The Hippogriff this beast is called.

Our founder, Charlene, had her own inspirational take on the creature though:

"My personal rendition of this legendary animal was to have it with the characteristics of a regal stag and wise raven.  A bit different than the traditional, but I thought it would add a fun twist!  Nature is all about adaptation after all ;)"  ~Charlene A. Rountree

At Eupterra Foundation, we believe in the harmonious blend of consumerism and environmentalism.  Thus, the hippogryph was a perfect symbol for us.  Enjoy this one-of-a-kind pendant or share it with your family and friends!

  •  Superior Quality - a 1 inch essential oil locket with our stylized hippogryph brand logo in tempered stainless steel with 24 inch stainless steel chain.
  • Tempered Tone - our heat tempering of the stainless steel metal causes unique color varieties to occur - no two are the same!  Some diffuser pendants will have more blues and greens, while others might display more yellow, magenta, and purple.
  • Rainbow Necklace Chain - for this rainbow style design, the stainless steel chain comes Rainbow tempered, too!
  • Portable Aromatherapy - 3 white cotton pads included with this necklace diffuser.
  • Comes Gift-Boxed - go Green! Eco-friendly gift packaging made from 100% natural fiber harvested from invasive species and sustainable sourced ink.
  • 90-day warranty, hassle free return policy
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