Labradorite Natural Stone Bracelet

Protect yourself from the outside emotions that can overwhelm you with this Labradorite jewel.

The    labradorite   is one of the    Stones protection   and   best-known development  , so she was dubbed  the Stone of therapists  . 

Labradorite is a true    protection stone   that is known to act as a shield.  It dispels evils, sorrows and inharmonious energies.

It is an indispensable stone for any therapist or anyone in a helping relationship  because it acts as a barrier and will allow you to stay focused and clear in spite of the mental and emotional spills. discordant emotions that can be projected by the many people you meet each day.

It is also a stone that  stimulates the activation of the Third Eye (the 6th Chakra)  , which speeds up the awakening and development of clairvoyance  abilities. 


Materials: Labradorite
Dimensions of a pearl: 12x25 mm
Length: about 19 cm
Inside diameter: 60 mm


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